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Art at home: Wall decor trends to spruce up your home

by Jennifer Johansen 04/09/2023

Wall art is often a great way to create stunning feats of home decor with little effort. As design trends continue to ebb and flow, certain facets of wall decor remain timeless, such as canvas art by independent artists or reprints of famous fine art pieces. But what about other elegant art styles that can be incorporated in your at-home wall decor?

Here are four timeless trends and art ideas to bring your home’s wall art to the next level in home wall design:

Antique tapestries

When the word “antique” gets thrown around, many assume their options will be expensive. By the same token, the word “tapestry” has gotten a bad reputation, often being associated with overly intricate designs and muted colors. However, fine art no longer has to be expensive, and antique tapestries can be used to bring out the best in your walls.

If you’re in the market for a tapestry that’s styled in the antiqued variety, many independent artists offer customized solutions, frequently commissioning one-of-a-kind pieces for collectors and those who simply enjoy new art. Custom artwork can serve as an excellent focal point for a large room and may even double as a conversation starter.

For those searching for tapestries that closely mimic the style of pieces found in estate sales, prints of well-known art are typically available for a fraction of the price from just about any large decor store. Even if you enjoy hilarious parody art, many shops still provide a wide array of artwork featuring intricate details with the same antiqued aesthetic.

Marble texture

A well-known trend that often boasts luxury and elegance in the most timeless fashion is marble. This stone’s texture is typically categorized by a bold background, such as black or white stone, with soft and delicate veins running against that background. The texture touts bold yet simple aesthetics with a smooth feel.

These textures, while once expensive and hard to incorporate into a variety of styles, have been brought back around by designers who have figured out how to give it a timeless run.

By incorporating items like marbled designs into abstract paintings and various artist-fueled prints, you can bring a whole new life to your walls, using this once-dominant aesthetic to accent your unique style.


Floral designs were once considered dated or average wall decor. Now, they’ve come back with bright and funky color variations. Some even feature spacey abstract variations of their earthbound prototypes or fluid integrations between elements, such as leaves and water.

Floral designs with bright and vibrant colors may work well as contrasting features in contemporary designs, adding interest and motion when applied to the walls as a singular piece of art.

Metal Sconces

Sconces are another great way to tie in your home decor and take care of a wall that seems otherwise unfinished. Great for just about any decor, metal wall sconces bring a soft and natural sophistication to a space. They range from the classic overhanging types with angled shades, to deeply articulated pieces of art.

Depending on your aesthetic, you may find that a vertically placed metal wall sconce with a glass shade ties your entire dining room together. If you like a bit more detail, consider sconces that mimic vines, plants or even bamboo to bring a little outdoor influence inside.

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